Camp Program Questions

Camps - All
How are the campers broken up?
On the first day, the campers are broken up by age group. Upon evaluation, a player can move up or down based on coach/parent/player assessment. D.C. United is focused on the development of soccer skills in a fun and challenging environment. If moving a camper is decided appropriate, we will do what we can to make that happen. Please speak with the Camp Site Director, or email to discuss.
Can my camper move up/down an age group?
Yes. See question above.
Does my camper need to bring a soccer ball?
No. D.C. United soccer balls will be provided at the camp. At the end of the camp, the camper will take home one ball.
My camper has a health condition, what should I do?
Please notify the Camp Site Director and Athletic Trainer on the first day of the camp about the health condition/plan of actio needed for an emergency.
Who are the coaches for the camp program?
The Camps are lead by Academy and Academy coaching staff. We also maintain a staff list of quality coaches who have been involved in prior camps, training programs, or pre-academy/academy team coaching.
Where can I find bio’s on the D.C. United Coaches?
Our primary staff can be found here.
What is the difference between a Camp and the Training Programs?

The primary difference between the two programs are: camps are open to most ages, are all coed, and involve all skill level.

  • Summer Camps (D.C. United’s Training Complex): coed U6-U17 (all skill level)
  • Summer Camps (Satellite Sites): coed U6-U14 (all skill level)
  • Summer Camps (Satellite Sites featuring Soccer Shots); coed U4-U14 (all skill level)
  • Spring Break Camps: coed U6-U17 (all skill level)
  • Winter Camps: coed U7-U11 and boys U12-U16 (all skill level)
  • The Training Program (TP): boys U9-U13 (intermediate/advanced skill level)
If the weather is bad all day, will the camp be canceled?
If the weather is to be bad all day, the Manager of Camps along with the Camp Site Director will make the call regarding the camp status and contact via e-mail addresses provided during the time of registration.
Are there scholarships available?
Yes. These are awarded on a case-by-case basis. Please contact to further discuss.
What is your refund policy?

More than 30 days out from start of camp, a 75% refund is provided (25% processing fee). Less than 30 days out from start of camp, there is no refund. For a documented injury, there is a full refund.

Spring & Summer Camps
What should the campers bring?
Campers should wear appropriate clothing (shirt, shorts) shin guards, soccer cleats, soccer socks, bring a lunch, snack, water bottle, sun screen.
What does a typical day of camp look like?
Each day there will be a new soccer topic. The morning session will be geared towards individual skills training then progress into a scenario with appropriate defensive pressure, and eventually end with free play at the end of the day. There will be a 1 hour break each day for the campers to refresh, and eat lunch.
Is there after-care for the camp programs?
No. The full day camps run until 3pm, and half-day camps run until 12pm at which time the campers must be picked up.
I’m worried about the heat for the summer camps, will there be shade?
Yes. RFK has a covered pavilion, and the satellite campsites will maintain a large tent. The Camp Site Director maintains a strict schedule for rest breaks. Taking appropriate breaks for the safety of the campers takes precedence over soccer training.
Is there an inclement weather plan for the camp, and how will we be notified of weather cancellations?
Yes. For inclement weather at RFK, campers will be lead into RFK stadium and will be in the locker room until weather clears. If inclement weather lasts until the end of camp, campers can be picked up at Gate A in Lot 5 at RFK stadium. For satellite camps, each facility will have an indoor covered area. Camp Site Directors will take campers inside in the case of inclement weather.
Will a first-team player from D.C. United attend the camp?
Yes. The RFK camps will have a D.C. United player attend the camp once during the week at lunch. They will spend the lunch time with the campers talking about their experience as a professional soccer player, answer questions, and provide an autograph to each camper. The satellite camps are set to have a D.C. United player as well, however, the appearance is based on the team schedule during the week and cannot be guaranteed.
Will a first-team player from D.C. United run the session during camp?
No. D.C. United players are busy training during the season, but will meet with the camper during lunch.
Is there a refrigerator for my camper’s lunch?
No. We do not have a refrigerator for lunches, please plan accordingly.
Winter Camps
Can I register after the camp has started?
Yes. The Winter Camp Series runs 12 weeks long. If you would like to sign up your camper after the start of the camp, please contact to receive a pro-rated code for registration.