Pre-Academy Questions

What is the D.C. United Academy?
The Academy was founded for the development of younger players from 12-15 who are not yet old enough to play for the Developmental Academy teams. The Academy allows players to train in a competitive environment with D.C. United staff coaches. The Academy is a year-round feeder system into the Developmental Academy.
Who do the Academy teams play?

The Academy teams play other Academy teams in the Northeast Premier League.

How often do these teams train?
The teams train three to four days per week for the entire year.
What is the age breakdown of the teams?
The Academy has three age groups (U-12, U-13 and U-15).
Who coaches the Academy?
Academy teams are coached by D.C. United staff coaches that have USSF licenses, former D.C. United players and former college standouts.
What are the costs for D.C. United Academy players?
The total cost for Academy players is $2,800. This cost includes training gear, fees to cover coaches, transportation and meals for out of area games.
How are Academy players selected?

D.C. United has a several different ways for players to be selected for the Academy program.

  • DCU has several Affiliate Club Members from across Virginia and Maryland that help scout and select talent for the D.C. United Academy program. Players who are on these affiliate teams may be recommended by their affiliate club coaches to participate in a D.C. United training session. These training sessions allow DCU to evaluate the player and possibly select them for the Academy team. This process may happen at any point during the season.
  • DCU has several scouts that actively scout players in the surrounding areas. They are out at tournaments, select events and league games to scout out potential talent. DCU also has a scouting form that players can fill out and submit so that a scout can come out and see them. For any more questions about scouting, click here.
  • Training opportunities are also available for select players. The times and duration of these training opportunities are determined by the Head Coach.
  • DCU holds open tryouts during May and June for Academy players.
What are the tryout dates?
Please check the D.C. United Scouting/Tryout page for current information.